SMART @ Smithdown

As it is approaching the summer holidays, myself and the Digital Leaders would like to remind you about our Smithdown SMART rules to E-Safety.

Stay safe – don’t give out your personal information to anyone online.
M – Don’t Meet up with anyone you talk to online
Accepting files/emails – do not accept or download anything that looks strange or unfamiliar to you. Always tell an adult.
Reliable – not everything you read online/iPad is true. Question everything.
T – Tell someone – if you feel worried or uncomfortable about something you’ve seen or heard ALWAYS tell an adult/teacher


Today I showed oour class how to use Book Creator on the iPad. We were making books about Eid and Ramadan. We listened to classmates talk about their celebraions and traditions to help with our books.

Apple Store

Yesterday we went to the apple shop in liverpool one with the digital leaders and some more year 5s. We had the best morning! we went on the minibuses and miss. pickering took us.

Wen we got there we were met by 2 apple shop experts who taught us lots of things on the ipad. firstly we went on an app called swift playground which learned us how to code. we had to give directions to byte who was the character in the game to get to the next level.

In the shop was a huge screen that we could put our work on. After coding, we went on an art app and created our own character like byte. It was so fun. We used a special apple pen that linked up to the ipad to help us draw and shade.

For the last 5 minutes we played on some of the shop laptops and phones. we had a great morning and we cant wait to come back and learn more.


Beder Y2

E safety/Safety/Internet safety

Internet safety   

If you want to be safe on  line listen to these rules:

If you see something popping up that you dont like, tell an adullt or some one older than you.

Be carefull on all games and internets in because you can get hacked

Dont give out your personal informashion online keep it private

Dont say anything online yu wouldnt say to someones face

Stick with these rules and you will be okay



Meeting #1

we  have lind what algorithms are, which are instructions on the bee bot app. I really like it I got up to level 12. You have to turn the bee round and make it go forward to get to the flower. We had a good afternoon. We can’t wait for our next meeting next week.


Beder from Year 2


Digital Leaders – Who we are!

Say Hello to our Digital Leaders 2016/17. We are very passionate about online safety, spreading our school SMART message and teaching staff and children how to use new apps in class.
If you are worried about something online or are confused with an app – come and speak to us! We have badges!

Any advice for us at the beginning of our duties? Click on the image to hear a little bit about ourselves…