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Welcome to our class blog! We will be using this blog to share the amazing learning taking place in and outside of our classroom. If you are reading this blog post from outside of the Smithdown community, please spare one minute and leave the pupils a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Any comments left will be approved by the teacher before being made public.

Special visitor!

Today in Nursery we had a special surprise visitor, it was Father Christmas!

We had to tell him how good our boys and girls have been in Nursery this year and he came with a gift for everyone to celebrate.

We had a special Christmas party with all of our friends.


Today in Nursery we explored the Numicon and made marks around them. We used counters to match with the numicon.

We counted numbers 1-5 independently.

Naughty bus visit

We had a visitor today it was the ‘Naughty bus’ from our story. We went inside to see and it was not a naughty bus it was a party bus!

We were able to climb on equipment independently and wait our turn.

Nursery investigation team!

Today in Nursery we took part in an investigation. We met a police officer who asked use to help find the naughty bus. We used magnifying glasses and made marks to represent our findings.

We found the naughty bus in a block of ice!

We found some ice tools and helped get the naughty bus out.





This week in nursery we have looked at maps from our local area and wondered which route the naughty bus may take.

We then created our own maps by drawing in different places.



Naughty bus

We had a surprise in our story box, we had to guess what was inside.


When we opened the present we found a red bus and a new story book ‘The Naughty Bus’. We could not wait to mark make scenes from the story and our red naughty bus.



Incy  Wincy spider and his friends are stuck in the jelly! 

How will we get them out?

Today we have used tweezers and scissors to rescue the spiders.

We have used lots of descriptive words like “sticky” “greasy” “delicious” “cold” “slimy”

Bonfire night

We have been learning all about bonfire night today. The children have made beautiful fireworks and can retell the rules of bonfire night.

We then celebrated bonfire night by dancing to a firework song.

Well done Nursery!





Independent mark making

During continuous provision the children took out paper and pens from the writing shed and shared drawing together.

They were able to tell me all about their drawings.

Abdul Wasi told me ” my whole friends”

Rayyan told me “my Daddy, Rayyan”

Uzair told me “A B C”


Happy Halloween!

We have been very busy in Nursery today talking about Halloween.

We made our very own scary spider biscuits and was able to count all of the eight legs!!

Watch our videos to see what else we have been up to….