Welcome to Project ‘B’

Welcome to our new Project ‘B’ blog. A selection of Year 4 and Year 5 pupils will be using this blog to share their thoughts on news, events and things that interest them. Please feel free to leave a quick comment telling the pupils who and where you are. Maybe you could challenge them to find out about something in the news near you? Any comment will be checked before being approved and shared with the pupils.

Many thanks,

Being a Superhero

Good afternoon Project B. I have noticed on your ideas page that you have mentioned you like Batman. I would like you to write me a comment on this post and tell me. If you could be a superhero for a day:

1. What would you be called?
2. What would your secret H.Q. be called?
3. Where would your secret H.Q. be?
4. What special powers would you have?
5. Any other interesting facts.

Epic Winter Wonderland

On Wednesday 30th November at Smithdown Primary School at 2pm,three hundred pupils with their families came to a special event called Winter Wonderland. Aimen in year 5, said, “many children had lots of fun in the snow.”

There were many different activities and stalls for people to get involved with such as- hot dogs, writing letters to Santa ,creating christmas tree biscuits, popcorn hot chocolate and many more.

The crowds were entertained by smithdown singers and the drumming club. Smithdown singers sang christmas songs to get everyone in the mood for Christmas.



  • Write your introduction - briefly explain what has happened, who was involved, when and where Add a paragraphs that give more detail to the event. Include quotes from eye witnesses. Ensure you use facts. Include fronted adverbials, punctuation, alliteration, expanded noun phrases
  • write your name
  • write your year group e.g. Year5