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hello everyone Im going talk about my passion I hope you enjoy. My passion is playing minecraft because you could build a house and a swimming pool. I enjoy building houses and I like playing with my freinds. me and my freinds build a house tog (More)
Hello my name is Aimen and I am 9 years old. Today I went to hope university with my class. Today we learnt science. In science we learnt forces,gravity,measuring ,newtons air resistanse and we made parachutes we made small parachutes medium parachut (More)
Cosmic play script Cast: Mr & Mrs Digby (Liam has been sent to his room while Mr and Mrs Digby have a private conversation about Liam.) Mum: (Patting on dads back carefully). What is wrong Darling? Dad: (Angrily). It’s Liam. Mum: What (More)
Aimen wrote: about me by Aimen
My name is Aimen I have got one older sibling called Amear. I do some chores in my house and one my favourite chore is tidyimg my room my worst one is taking the hoover up and down as I always get to tired. I also have a fluffy cat and he is a boy bu (More)