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Cosmic play script Cast: Mr & Mrs Digby (Liam has been sent to his room while Mr and Mrs Digby have a private conversation about Liam.) Mum: (Patting on dads back carefully). What is wrong Darling? Dad: (Angrily). It’s Liam. Mum: What (More)
Aimen wrote: about me by Aimen
My name is Aimen I have got one older sibling called Amear. I do some chores in my house and one my favourite chore is tidyimg my room my worst one is taking the hoover up and down as I always get to tired. I also have a fluffy cat and he is a boy bu (More)
Maths Deep Dive Challenge using our Imathsinations Today Mr Keegan gave use an exciting deep dive challenge. The question Mr Keegan asked was “where’s the maths in that?”then we counted how many coloured balls altogether. We also found o (More)
On Wednesday 30 November 2016 At 2:00, something fun happened in Smithdown Primary School! There was snow outside and where were the best hotdogs for sale inside. (More)
Deputy Mitchell wrote: About me by Aimen
Hello,my name is Aimen and I am 8 years old. I am from Yemen. The school that I go to is called Smithdown Primary School.  My favorite lesson in school is English because I Like writing storys. My favorite sport is football. (More)
Oh mighty Beowulf and warriors we thank you for finally defeating the devil known as Grendel. I shall give you half of the gold and jewelry in Heorot. and anything else you desire. We shall have the largest feast in Heorot to celebrate Grendel's deat (More)