Smoothie Making

We finished our final DT project of the year with a spot of smoothie making. We designed our own smoothies then had fun blending all of the ingredients together. Check out our smoothie making gallery. Clock on a picture to make it bigger.

Help Me!


Hi Year 1 please can you help me?
I went out on the beach this morning to see what the storm had left behind and I discovered this whale on the sand.
I’m not sure what to do now.
Do I take it home and look after it or try and put it back in the water?
Can you help me? What if it is hurt? What if its family is missing it?
What shall I do?


Noi blog Amany

When Noi went out on the beach he saw some thing very strange. What was it? He didn’t no! What is that! He thought it was  a rock and as he got closer he was curious but got closer again. He saw  it was a  whale. he was scared. How scary! he screamed. He found  a scratch on the whale and then he  went in to  get a plaster for him. Then he went in and got a wheel barrow to get him in the water. by Amany

Noi blog Roza

When   Noi   went   out  on   the  beach  he  saw  something strange  on  the  sand. He  felt  curious  because  he  had  lots  of  queshtens  in  his head. When  Noi  got closer  and  closer  he  felt scared  because  he  thought  that this  thing  was  hert so  Noi  came  even  clouser  and  finerly  he  knew  what  it  was. He  was weorried that it was out of the water so he filed his bucket and put water on him to
Save him. Noi saved the day. In fact it was a miracle.

Nooi blog Mohammed

One sunny night Noi fouind an  unusual  whale on the dustey beach. He spotted something very unyooshuwal. When Noi went closer and clooser he was  curious and thort it  was ded. Noi didn’t know if the whale was hurt or not. As Noi got closer he thought that the whale was out of the ocean. Then Noi thought that he should help the whale and he brought his trailer to push the whale back in the ocean.

Noi blog Taha

When Noi came out he was playing with his bucit and when he filed his buckit he saw a gray, unyoushuwal thing and it was a Wayul. Quickly he stepped clowser and then he thought it was a shell. He came closer and was scared because he thourt its dead.

Noi blog Lamin

Noi was going outside to the beach colecting shells  and    then he  found something. He was curious because he thorght that it  was a rock but it  was something else!  Just then he  was nervous because it didn’t have a  family and he went   nearer to it  until  he noticed

that it  was a whale. Noi was scared for the whale and now he was  worried. He wondered if   he should carry it  on his buggy and put him back inthe sea or leave him where he was.

Noi blog Amnay

When Noi went to the beach  he wanted to collect shells and then he saw somthing. Suddenly he said ‘is  that a towering rock?’ then he stept closer and closer and closer until he was terrafid so he grabed a bucet of water and he splasht water on the whale. Then he had a pulling thingy so he pushet him in the water with it.

Noi blog Ava

One sunny morning after the storm stopped he went out of his house and walked along the sand. He kept walking until he saw somthing on the sand, he looked and it looked like a rock but he looked a bit closer and realised it couldn’t be. Noi was a bit nervous.

He was thinking that it looked like an unusual shape on the beach. It was a whale! He got water and put it on the whale untill it was right in front of him so he got his trolley and put him in the water. He wanted to save the whale more than anything else in the world, the whale didn’t deserve this.


Noi blog Ibrahim

One sunny morning, when the storm has gone, Noi could go out  side. Then he played and collected shells and did everything but then he saw something in front of him. He was curious so then Noi went closer. He was nervous he thought it was a rock in front of him. Noi walked closer, he was scared. He wasn’t scared of him, he was scared for the whale because it was out of the water. He went even closer. He knew who he was, he was a whole. Worried, he put water on the whale.




Noi blog Yusra

When Noi went to  the beach he saw some thing curious. so  he went foward. He was very shocked because the whale was small so Noi got his trolee and put it in the trolee. He thought to  put the whale  in to the sea so he    put  the whale in the sea to save him.

Noi blog Aliyah

When Noi went out to the beach he  saw an unyooshiwl thing on the beach. He was curious. He went a little bit closer and he couldn’t bleive his eyees. It was a baby whale on the beach. He was nervous that it  was hurt. Noi wanted to help the whale so much that he did. He got a bucket and filled it up with water and pored it on him.

Noi’s blog Mudiwa

On a sunay moning  NOI ran outsid he saw an  uyoosl shape.

Then he measured the whale. Then the whale was lonley. He ran in the garage. Then he pushed him on the wagon. He pushed him out in the water. It did not float and it was still and could just not swim and he wanted to learn to swim.



Noi bloga Aamer

One morning Noi saw a blue whale and he told his dad  to go to the wale.

NOi pushed the whale in  to  the water.

Noi was happy because the whale said thanyou to noi for getting water to the whale.

Noifound a bucit to give water to the whale.

How to Find Gold

If you haven’t read the story How to Find Gold by Viviane Schwarz then I suggest you run out and buy it…Now!

This book is just amazing and Year 1 have loved completing work from it as part of our english lessons.
This is just a few of the things we have been up to.

Acting out the story and thinking what the charatcters might have been saying and thinking.

Describing the under water setting.

Having a debate – bury the gold or keep it?

We also wrote to Anna and Crocodile to persuade them to bury the gold or keep it!

Human Bee Bots!

Today we took advantage of the sunshine and took our maths lesson outside.

We have been learning about directions (left, right, forwards, backwards, quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn, clockwise and anti clockwise.)

We decided to become human bee bots. We directed our friends around the playground and could only speak in directions!

How did the First Flight Change the World?

This half term our topic has been ‘How did the first flight change the world.’
We have loved finding out about the Wright Brothrs, Montgolfier Brothers and looking at changes in aviation history.

We made an aviation timeline.

Today we thought about everything we have learned during this topic. We worked in teams to create a poster to present to our friends for our big finish!

Diving Deeper into Division

Last week we were busy diving deeper into division. Year 1 have absolutley loved learning about multiplication and division and has been our favourite maths topic so far.

So proud of you all.

How to find gold by Amany

One sunny day Anna and crocadaylie went to school. Crocodayl said I am hungry. I know you will like it. Let’s find gold. No the police will come they will think we are stealing. No I don’t care I am going by my self then. fine I am going with you so lets go to school. They travelled ten steps. Then they went to the duck pond to feed the ducks. Then he went too the brig. They saw loads of cars so they stoppt because thir was a traffic gam. Then they went to the rainbow it was prity and culafl. Then they went on. Mmmm said crocadayl I am hungry. me to said Anna.let’s eat Some food come on eat! Then Anna said I ‘ve found gold!! . They made a map then buried the map with the gold the end.

Repeated Addition

Today we started learning about repeated addition. We started grouping into equal groups and counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10.

How to Find Gold!

Year 1 are loving their new book!

Check out some of our instructions from Thursday and Friday, they might help you find gold!

How to Find Gold….A glitter trail showed us the way!

When we came into class today and a glitter trail was waiting for us!

We followed the glitter and found GOLD! We also found our new class text ‘How to Find Gold.’

We read some of the story and found out that Anna wants to find gold, but Crocodile thinks it will be dangerous. Crocodile knows that they will need a plan or they won’t be able to find any.

Today we had a go at making our own plan…there was just one problem. Miss Hathawat didn’t give us ANY instructions! She wanted to watch what we would do! Some teams made maps, drew pictures, wrote clues or made signs. Tomorrow we will be looking at the best way to make a plan to help someone successfully find gold!

Have a look at what we made today.

Book Talk

This week we used ‘Book Talk’ for the first time. The children were given this picture from our new POR book.

We thought about the following questions and here are our some of our ideas and answers too.

Tell me about the picture.
In the picture the girl is pulling a boat. The crocodile looks like he has a map but it is a bit of a mess. The girl is strong and the crocodile might be lazy. Roza

The girl looks a little bit angry and she might be mad with the crocodile. Ahmed A

What do you notice in this picture?
I have noticed that there is a tent, a spade and a motor on the boat. I wonder why they need a spade. Mudiwa

I have noticed that the map looks quite messy and that the girl looks angry because it isn’t very good. Ava

We can see a lazy crocodile sitting down doing nothing. Stefan and Yusuf.

Crocodile has drawn a picture. Eilaf and Sara

Is there anything you like about it? Why? Why not?
I like the flag on the boat becuase it has the crocodile’s face on it. Mirko

I like the girl being strong and brave because she is like me. Alaa

I like the map because it might tell them where to go. Amnay

Is there anything that you dislike? Why?
We don’t like the rusty boat because it might not take them very far. Amany and Yusra

We don’t like the girls face because she looks angry. Yusra and Lewan

Does it remind you of anything?
It reminds us of Chester Zoo because we saw a crocodile there. Lamin and Ibrahim

It is like Peter Pan. They might be going exploring. Aliyah

Does anything puzzle you?
I am puzzled because why isn’t the crocodile helping the girl to pull the boat? Ahmed R

I am puzzled because I want to know where the are going. Amr and Aamer

What kind of story do you think this will be?
We think this is an adventure story because it looks like they are going somewhere. Mohammed and Lewan

What can you say about the characters?

We think that the girl is brave and bossy. She looks like she gets crocodile into trouble. She is the boss. – Y1 ideas

What would you like to find out?
We would like to know where they are going, why they need a boat and what the map is for. Y1 ideas.

Gruffalo Spotting

Year 1 went on an exciting visit to Delamere Forest. We went to find the Gruffalo. We had to use the iPads to find all of the hidden animals and we got to take pictures with them too. We loved walking around the trail looking for clues, playing in the wooden shelters on route and finding the Gruffalo at the end of the trail too. There was also a special surprise at lunch too, Miss King and baby Matilda met us for a picnic lunch.

Check out what we got up to today.

Class Prize Winners – Well Done

Well done to our class Prize winners for the Easter Term. Your class mates and teachers are all so proud of you.

Magical Hats

This week is DT week and year 1 have been busy researching, designing and making magic hats. We still have a couple of little surprises up our sleeves but the hats are well on the way!

Persuading the none believers

Today Year 1 recieved a very important letter from Abdul Kazam. He was upset and didn’t understand why some people do not believe in magic. He asked Year 1 to write to the none believers and prove to them that the place between really does exist.

I am so proud of all of your writing today. You are all superstars.

Click a picture for a closer look.

What was in the place between?

On Friday Y1 discovered what was in the place between.

We acted out the scenes and discussed what Leon had seen.

Roll Up! Roll Up! Magician Wanted

Hello everyone,
I, Abdul Kazam need a new magician for my circus and would like to invite YOU to apply.
In order to be a good magician you will need to research/design/make and evaluate your very own magician starter kit.
You will need a hat, wand and your very own magic trick!
Do you think you might be the one for the job?

Send your projects to me at the address below by Friday.

Till then!

Abdul Kazam
The Place Between
Trust Nothing
Magic Land

What could be inside the box?

We stepped into Leon’s shoes and thougt about what he might find when he steps inside the box. #leonandtheplacebetween

Have a look at our video below! We found a magical box and stepped inside!

Untitled from Miss Hathaway on Vimeo.

Have a look at our writing, we predcted lots of different magical things that might be inside!

Circus inspired 2D shape pictures

This term we have been looking at the artist Paul Klee. We know that Paul Klee liked to use 2D shapes in his work. We decided to create some circus pictures using shapes. We were inspired by the work of Paul Klee and our whole school text ‘Leon and the Place Between.’

We hope you like them.

Leon and the Place Between – SPECTACULAR writing so far

In Year 1 we stepped into Leon’s shoes and imagined what he could see, hear, smell, taste and touch as he took his seat in the show tent.

You have all worked so hard to write descriptively and I am so proud of you all.

Leon and the Place between is our whole school text this week and every class from Nursery to Year 6 is producing work for a display. How will I ever pick which pieces make it onto the wall?

Quote of the Day ”It’s like we are really there, I feel like we are in the circus and it is happening to us. I feel so magical. I love this story.” Alaa – Aged 5!

Circus Fun!

This week everyone is producing work on the fabulous story ‘Leon and the Place Between.’
Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Circus Sensible.
We loved pretending we were in the circus.

Check out what we got up to.

The Book People Bus came to visit.

Today the Book People bus spent the day in school.
Families could shop for books before and after school, and it wasn’t long before long queues formed.
Some children got to go on board and listen to stories and other children went on board to browse and pick out books for school.
Lots of children went home with lovely new books and we got lots of fabulous new ones for school too. (I treated myself to some more David Walliams books and I can’t wait to read ‘The Midnight Gang’ to Year 1)

Paul Klee

Today we started working on our new art topic.
We found out about the artist Paul Klee.
We looked at lots of different paintings by him and we noticed that he used 2D shapes in his work.
We labelled a painting and spotted shapes and then we had a go at colouring in the style of Paul Klee.
We cant wait to produce more work like this.
What do you think?

Discovery RE

Our new RE Topic is ‘Why was Jesus treted like a celebrity on Palm Sunday?’
We thought about what would happen if a special visitor came to school and we acted out the Queen’s arrival. We thought about what we would need to do and how we would need to act.
We then found put abput the story of Palm Sunday and we reinacted Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem. We made our own palm leaves, waved them and placed them on the floor for Jesus to walk on.

Questions for Doreen by Lewan and Amany

hi Doreen wir doo you live?

i love my class its year 1 its amazing.

wot does the wethr look like?

Have you seen a bayby kangaroo?

Do you have a bayby mi bayby is norty?

have you see a shak befur in your life?

i went to blue planet befur it was fun and i saw a shark. In blue planet i tuch a rel life shark skin. have you tuched one?

i come from in yemen by the way



Qesherns for Dorean By Roza and Eilaf







An owl saw the mouse…

Today we learned the next part of ‘The Gruffalo.’ We performed to our friends and we love this story so much already.

check out our video here


World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day. We had so much fun dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing stories with one another.

My little book worms started the day by delivering a WBD book to every child in school (a massive thank you to Blackwells for making this happen)

Thank you to lots of our families who stayed to read and share books with their children today.

In Year 1 we were treated to listening to a dual language story. We heard the story in Arabic, Polish and English. You can see the video here

We loved swapping an old book with our friends today.

We enjoyed gong back to Reception today to show our teachers how good we are now at reading. We read stories to the children and we loved pretending to be teachers.

We enjoyed taking World Book Day Selfies today!

Everyone loved dressing up (including all of the teachers)

At the end of the day we had a book sale and enjoyed buying books to take home.


My  feverety  Storey  is cinderella beecos I like to reed it. The uglee sistrs is meen to cindella and dot let her go to a bol but she gets a feree godmufa hoo lets her go and she gets a lost shoo but then a prins faynds it and she is kist by the prins charmig.

Gruffalo Jigsaws

Today we worked with Mr Triggs to make our very own Gruffalo jigsaw on the iPad. We painted a picture using different tools and then we used a jigsaw tool to split it up into pieces. We then had to put our Gruffalo back together again!

Even the Gruffalo had a go!

selebrating cloks by Lamin and Amany

Hello world we are selabrating klocks so we no whot Time is it

we no o clok and harf past and it is on 12 for o clok and 6 for harf past

we have lerned (alredee happined ed) how to tell if it is o clock with the big hand and harf past with the big hand on 6

we no how long 1 minit is too and we did not no haw long it was befor

klocks are fun

can you tell the time?

bye for now it is harf term

Lamin and Amany

Chester zoo

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?

My favourit animal is a luyon because it runs fast.

Can you describe your favourite animal?

It has a long tail and shup teeth, because it is a canivor.

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?

Stay Safe Online

Today we spoke about how to keep safe online. We heard a story abut Smartie the Penguin and we helped him to do the right things and stay safe online.

Problem 1 – Smartie was playing on his new tablet, but an advery came up telling him he had won a competition and it told him to click the red cross.

We decided that Smartie shouldn’t press the button because he doesn’t know what the advert is for or where it might take him. One little girl said it could be a ‘bad guy’ who wants to take your money. We told Smartie to hel him family and they helped him to get rid of the advert safely.
Problem 2 – Smartie let his older brother play on his tablet and now it is open on something that Smartie has never seen before.

We decided that Smartie should ask his family for help to get back on to a game he is used to, and his mum also told his brother not to use his tablet.

Problem 3 – Smarties friend Percy wasn’t very good at an online game. Other children started to bully him and call him names.

We decided that being a cyber bully is not a good thing! We told Smartie to tell his family and to tell Percy’s family too.

We also spoke about staying safe online, never giving out your personal information and never ever talking to strangers online.

We have made some SMARTIE rules for Miss Comer’s display and we also made a #bethechange banner too.

Fraction Fun….Pizza Making

We had so much fun making pizza yesterday. We had a go at cutting our pizzs in half to make two equal pieces and some of us tried to cut it into quarters too!

What a yummy lesson! Not only did we learn about equal pieces but we got to eat our delicious pizzas too!

Teamwork…PSHE this week

This week our PHSE theme was ‘Teamwork’

We shared our ideas about what a team was with ‘Jack the Jigsaw’ and this is what we came up with.

*A team helps each other
*A team shows someone what to do
*A team takes turns
*A team shares
*A team can save people like firemen
*A team can win games like football teams
*A team wants to do well
*A team has a goal to do well at something.

We then spoke about how if we wanted to design something in a team we would have to work together to do it or we wouldn’t achieve our goal.

We desgned ‘team wellies’ for out Jigsaw garden.

Doubles fun

We are busy learning our doubles this week. We are working on our mental recall and we are trying to beat the clock and recite them out of order in the quickest time. We are getting quicker!

Today we played a doubling game, trying to get three or more counters in a row. We rolled 1-12 dice and whoever doubled the number first got to place a counter on the board.
We also used mirrors to help us to double numicon pieces up to 10. We had a go at doubling the number mentally and then checked our answer by looking in the mirror and counting how many spaces altogether.
Some of us even had fun painting some double butterflies for our working wall.
We had a very busy maths day!

Should the Pasha send Zeraffa to France?

We worked in teams to decide if the Pasha should send Zeraffa to France.
We thought of reasons why it was a good idea and also reasons why it would be better that she stayed on the plains.

We then picked our side and took part in our first conscience alley. We shouted our ideas at the Pasha (Miss Daffern), and she told us which advice she would take.

Money, Money, Money!

We have been busy learning how to combine coins to make different values. We had to work out what to do when there wasn’t a 4p to use etc.

This week in PSHE

This week in PSHE we spoke about dreams and goals. We shared our goals and spoke about how we would need clear steps to achieve them.

We used the concept of trying to tie a tie – with and without instructions.

We couldn’t work out how to do it until we identified small steps to make the task achievable!

A busy day blogging in Year 1

Today we had a busy afternoon blogging about our adventure to Chester Zoo. We shared our favourite animal, described it and shared any interesting facts we knew!

Plese have a look on our blog and let us know your favourite animal too.

Thank you.

Chester Zoo.

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?

My favourite anial is a giraffe because it was coyote.

My favrtt wos the layn bcos it is lawd and sceree.

Can you describe your favourite animal?

My aneeml has got a log nek and yelo and brawn scin.

layn has got lots of her.

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?

layn eets meet and giraffes ar herbevor.

Chester Zoo

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?

My favourite animal is a elefant because it can eat with it trunk.

Can you describe your favourite animal?
My favouite animal is a lion because it can roar.

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?
Lion live in africa

Chester Zoo

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?

My favourite animal is a jrath because they have a long neck.

My favourite animal is a pagwin because it swims.
They ar strighpee.

Can you describe your favourite animal?
it has stripee

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?
They swim fast

Chester Zoo

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?
My favourite animal is the baby turtle because it gave m a fright.
My favourite animal is a lion because it has big teeth.

Can you describe your favourite animal.
They have a hard shell

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?
I did not no that the baby turtle was Invizibul

Chester zoo

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why? My favourite animal is a
Giraffe because it has a tall neck.

My favourite animal is a snake because there are very long and they have a long tunges.

Can you describe your favourite animal?
Very long with snake skin. My animal has patterns

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?
They are strippy.

Chester. Zoo.

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?

My. Favarite. Animai. Is. A. bat. because. It. Sleeps. Upside down.
My farourite is the bats because they flie super fast and they like the dark.

Can you describe your favourite animal?
The. batIs. Culer. Is. Black

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?
They. Get. They. Orms. On. They. bodea

Chester Zoo

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?
My favourite animal is a cheetah because they run so fast.
My my favourite is a tiger because it is big.

Can you describe your favourite animal?
It is brown and yellow it is like fluffy spots

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?
It is the fastest animal in the howl entiyr world

Chester Zoo

Which animal was your favourite at Chester Zoo and why?
My favourite animal is the baby frog because it is green.
My faveourite animal is the bats because they can sleep up said done.

Do you know any interesting facts about your favourite animal?