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Welcome to our class blog! We will be using this blog to share the amazing learning taking place in and outside of our classroom. If you are reading this blog post from outside of the Smithdown community, please spare one minute and leave the pupils a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Any comments left will be approved by the teacher before being made public.

the gingerbread man by Amelia

Next  the    Gingerbred man  saw a   biger vershon of  him but  he was so scard  so he  hid  behid  a  tree. then  he  saw a helcopter  and he climd  insid and  flew  up up  and  away  to  ostraleaer. He  was so  sprised when he saw so  meny of  him and   he played  with  them them  for everr  the end.



the ginger bread man by Sarah

Next the Gingerbread man saw a wite snaeky polar bear and he stud on the polar ber foot to escape. Soon the Gingerbread man saw an aeroplanwe and he flew on it and he jumoed to his house where and he sat  on a chir and he slept. Then the gingerbread man was with his bother  and the gingerbread man was never seen again the end.



The Gingerbread Man by Maryam

Then the Gingerbread Man saw a sneaky fox but the Gingerbread Man hid behind a rock. Next the Gingerbread Man saw a rusty car and he drove fast. Suddenly the Gingerbread Man started to see the fox and he decided to say help and  they were frends forever. The fox never tried to eat the Gingerbread Man again.

the Ginger Bread man by Matteo

After that the Ginger  Bread man saw a sneary hungry hairy dog cat hamster and a baby poler bear and a mumy pola bear and a dady pola bear and lods of pengwins but the Ginger bread man  ran and  behind a mawtin. suddenly the gingerbread man saw a motor bike and he drove away to the gingebread man school forever!

the gingerbrea man by Aziza-

AFTER   that the Gingerbread man saw  a hairy spider and    hid   behdn a rock. Soon the gingerbread mn found a car and drove away. Suddenly the gingerbread man drove to the park and found a hous and then the hiry spayda never found the gingerbread man and the gingerbread man stayed forever.

The gingerbread man by Aysan

next the gingerbreaad man saw a hairy spidev but the gingerbread man ran and hid.then the gingerbread man saw a big aeroplane and he jumped doon.quickly the gingerbread man started to walk on the ground to see somme peple and a gil and a boy. he got to schoool and looked inside.

He never got eaten again.

The Gingerbread Man by Mrs V

Next the Gingerbread Man found a magic key, he picked it up and rubbed it. As he opened his eyes he was standing in the middle of a maze. He followed the arrows so he could find his way out and disappeared into a beautiful enormous house. He ran inside and locked the door so the fox could not find him and eat him. Finally he picked up the telephone and invited the little old man and the little old woman to come and live with him in his beautiful house. The little old woman made lots more Gingerbread Men so the Gingerbread Man had lots of brothers and sisters to play with.

The Festival Beast

Najib is busy writing his own story at the moment. Hs story is based on the ‘Snow Beast’ by Chris Judge.

Please check out his opening so far!

The Beast lived in a beautiful, green forest. The Beast was so happy because he saw the sun outside.
Every year the village had a Chinese New Year festival.
Unfortunately all of the chop sticks had gone missing. The Beast heard of the problem and swam to the village to help.
When he got there he promised to get all of the chop sticks back so that they could still have a festival.

I can’t wait to read more Najib.

Questions for our special visitor

Later this week Mrs Worthington’s mum (Mrs Lubbock) is coming to speak to us about the past. Today we worked in teams to think of questions we would like to ask her!


Year 1 are embracing #barvember! We used objects to build our own bar models today.

Please Help!

Dear Year 1,

My name is Chris Judge, the author of the ‘Beast’ stories and I am writing to ask for your help.

I have been asked to write a new ‘Beast’ story but I just can’t think of any ideas. I know that I want our favourite Lonely Beast to be in the story but I’m not sure who else!

Please can you help me plan a new ‘Beast’ adventure?

Thank you

Chris Judge

So Proud of the Progress Y1 are making

Year 1 you have all worked so hard this year so far! Check out the amazing progress you are all making. We are all so proud of you.

Wonderful Writing

This week we used a story plan to write a known story ‘The Snow Beast’

The children ave worked so hard on this! I couldn’t be any prouder.

Maths Fun

So proud of my wonderful Butterflies and Elephants. We found the missing number in the number sentence by counting the missing seats on the bus and worked out how many more people could get on the bus to find the answer.

Hot Seating Fun

Please check out some pictures of our hot seating with the Lonely Beast.

An interview with the Lonely Beast

Live Blog An interview with the Lonely Beast

True or False? Prove it!

Some of the children in year 1 started to prove if addition questions were true or false today. They had to work out what the answer to the calculation would be and then tell me if the original question was true or false. The children loved proving me right or wrong. Great work everyone!

The Lonely Beast is back!

This week the Lonely Beast has left two mysterious story boxes for us.

On Monday he left us some words that were all in the past tense. We used these words to build past tense sentences.

Today he left us his own special secret diary. He decided to share his diary with us as we had been such good friends to him. We have loved hearing about his adventures.

I wonder if he will be back again this week?

Marvellous Map Skills!

This week we not only went for a walk in the local area, we also started to use a map of the local area around school. We orientated the map and realised that we couldn’t use our map unless we knew exactly where we were and that the map was facing the right way. Fantastic team work Year 1!

Happy Maths!

There were lots of smiles in maths this week.

The Lonely Beast left a story box in our room today…

Today the Lonely Beast left a story box in our classroom. Inside we found a letter and a pass the parcel game. We played the game and discovered lots of pages from the story. we had to sequence the story to put it back together again.

Autumn Walk in the Local Area

Today we went on a walk around our local area. We looked out for things ‘near’ to our school and things we could see further away in the distance. We decided which things were always near our school (such as buildings) and which things might not be there every time we walk by school (cars, busses, dogs etc)
We also kept our eyes peeled for signs of autumn. We npticed the leaves turning from green to orange, red and brown and we spotted lots of leaves falling off the trees. Check out our video below.

Our basketball skills are improving

We are working hard on our basketball skills in Year 1!

What a mess!

When our classroom was destroyed all of our classroom plans were ruined! The ‘visitor’ ripped them all up and we couldn’t use our classroom plans until we used our map skills to put them back together again! Luckily the Toucans and Tigers saved the day! Phew! Our geography lesson was saved!

Problem Solving and Reasoning in Year 1

Today the children were set the problem…

If I add two numbers together is the answer always even?

The children loved investigating to find out if the question was right or wrong!

I am so proud of how neat your work was!

This week we were visited by Sarah, an artist. Sarah is working with our school on a whole school bunting project. We made self portraits in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. We had lot of fun using red, blue and yellow dots to colour our bunting pieces.