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Hello world! – Who and where are you?

Welcome to the year 5 class blog. Please leave a comment to let us who you are and where in the world you are from.

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Cosmic Email

Hey Florida,


I’m sorry about the Porsche thing, please forgive me. You don’t have to accept my apology, but I have big news. There is a new theme park, which has breath tacking rides and I won a ticket. I had to phone Drax world. If you want to come, then I can take a friend and I’d like it to be you!

We’re going to the south. This is seriously going to be one in a life time opportunity. But there’s just one thing, you have to pretend to be my daughter. I know you’re thinking that you will get into trouble, but I have a great plan to keep it secret. Who would not want to go to this exquisite theme park?

There is going be loads of celebrities and we will have loads of fun taking selfies. Pack your bags were going on an adventure!


From your best mate from Liam xx

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My cosmic play script

Cosmic play script
Cast: Mr & Mrs Digby

(Liam has been sent to his room while Mr and Mrs
Digby have a private conversation about Liam.)

Mum: (Patting on dads back carefully). What is wrong Darling?
Dad: (Angrily). It’s Liam.
Mum: What’s he got in to now?
Dad: He’s been using that girl Florida Kirby to pose as his 12 year-old daughter, plus he’s been revving an engine on a fancy red Porsche.
Mum: (gasped) Driving cars?
What kind of kid does he think he is?
Dad: Not a twelve year old that’s what, I thought you would be shocked.
Mum: I am.
Dad: Oh just checking…
Mum: Do you think it is a good idea to pick him up from school?
Dad: (slamming his hand on the table)What? I am not picking him up I am to busy making the new kitchen.
Mum: Okay I’ll pick him up.
Dad: I think he needs more time with his farther.
Mum: Of course you raised him.
Dad: yeah I should be quite a cool dad.
Mum: yeah right, just call him down for tea.
Dad: Ok, Liam come done for tea.

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by sara Cosmic email


Subject: SICK CELEBRITYS IN TROUBLE! They need you!

Hi Florida,

I know you’re angry, but listen .This might be our dream come true and this is just once in a life time so please say yes ,if you do you will be going  on a trip to the AMAZING and new theme park in China .Both of  us will go on a NEW ride ,the Rocket! I tell you it’s Cool.

You might be thinking no in your mind because you have already gotten into trouble, but this time I have a good plan we will keep it a brilliant secret, we tell our parents that we’re going to the Lake District with the school, plus I’ll give them a letter to prove it!

Also, on the way to China we both might see famous celebrities. However, we’re going on a fancy Limo so we might look like celebs!

This all happened when I won a competition from Draxs world and I got lucky to win, but I need you to be my daughter for this! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s SOOO worth it. We are kind of lying (too much) but we CAN do it again and we’ll not fail now!

Every single second will be better than the other. The Rocket, is the one thing that will change our lives forever and this is a true Adventure that might never EVER end! Tell me Florida, would you like to go on the best ride in the world or be stuck at home doing nothing at all?


This is your destiny, our destiny to do this, just remember you have to pretend to be my daughter it you don’t this might be non in a life time so choose wisely.


See you later alligator!                   (P.S get ready to start the adventure)


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Sidney’s Cosmic Play Script

Cosmic Play Script

Cast: Mr Digby, Mrs Digby

Scene 7

(Liam has been sent his room while Mr and Mrs Digby have a conversation)

Mrs Digby: (Washing the dishes) How you doing darling?

Mr Digby: Not good at the moment.

Mrs Digby: What happened?

Mr Digby: Liam has been using a girl called Florida Kirby to pose as his daughter. He has also been revving the engine of a fancy, red Porsche.

Mrs Digby: (Drops the cups and yells) Hold up DRIVING CARS??!!!

Mr Digby: Yeah driving cars, crazy right?

Mrs Digby: Tell me about it. Do you think it is a good idea for him to walk home?

Mr Digby: (Bellows while banging fists on the table) Are you out of your mind?! He’ll probably go wondering off to that girl!

Mrs Digby: I think she is a bad influence. In the meantime, what should we do with him?

Mr Digby: I don’t know, I really don’t know.

Mrs Digby: We could punish him for a couple of days.

Mr Digby: (pacing around the room while drinking a cup of coffee) Or maybe I could spend more time with the boy.

Mrs Digby: Great idea!

Mr Digby: We could have some father-son time.

Mrs Digby: On my point of view, we should forget about this and work on the new kitchen.

Mr Digby: I think that is for the best but I am still ashamed of Liam.

Mrs Digby: Let’s get him down for supper.

Mr Digby: (Shouting) Liam! Time for supper!

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Florida’s trip to the Lake District letter

Dear parents and carers of Florida Kirby,

Your child has been specially picked to go on this once in a lifetime experience to the Lake District. The Lake District has many sections for the children to go to, and has a variety of foods, playgrounds/playgroups and many other things your child has missed or loves/loved. 5 other children will be attending this trip,  your child will not be lonley

Your child also gets to go to a factory where they will make all sorts of food, can’t say what they will make, it’s a top secret! If your child loves you dearly they might bring some back but if not then that means that they have eaten it all. Your child will denfinley bring the knowlegde of making the food, if not then all she did was eat.

They’re many things your child can do in the Lake District. This includes boat hire, bike hire,archery, adventure playground ,mini golf and pony rides and loads of other things to  enjoy.So don’t you dare think your child will get bored there*they might even see a celebrity.* I am not sure if they’s much famous celebritys in Bootle, But thats IF.

Talking about celebrity’s, Florida likes celebrity’s so we have specially contacted one of the most famous celeb in Bottle. Alec Stevenson ,was a player for Everton Lived at 209 Stanley road wife Ethel and two daughters Wendy and Sandra, does anyone remember him? He used to be the famous celeb in the all of Bootle, emagine how big Bootle is!!.

We ask two  things  from you, to please pack your child’s bags ready for when they leave you for a week, etc: slippers, underwear and over wear, 3 trainers , old tops and suitable outing dresses/tops. How can you say no to this amazing offer. You know you would like your child to go. Come on offer ends tommorow.


The 2 thing we ask from you is to sign this slip confirming that you would like your child to go.  For more information visit call 0151 026 908 74 to book a trip a day of leisure. ( please be aware that if you go to the website then you will book for 12 and under, but if you call that number it is for 17 and over.)

Image result for big school trip slips


Made by Mariam


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My Beowulf Speech

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Beowulf vs Grendel !

Leah and Giuliana

Beowulf Vs Grendel


Last night in Heorot, the brave Beowulf slaughtered the vicious monster called Grendel. After twelve long years, Grendel’s reign of terror is over. Fourteen strong Geat warriors travelled across the vast sea, they came with a super human called Beowulf. Beowulf has long blonde hair and armour as bright as the sun. His brave warriors has a shield, helmets and chain mail to protect themselves.

Last night at 9 pm, there was a feast at Heorot. King Hrothgar and the wonderful Geat warriors had a feast to attract the nocturnal beast Grendel. One of the warriors reported that Grendel charged to the door and ate the guard that guarded the door, then he smashed some of the trees and one of the warriors shouted “we heard loud banging noises”. So we went out to see what it was it was Grendel! We ran back in. Beowulf jumped on Grendel and ripped his arm of, and he ran off to his lair with blood pouring from his arm.

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Aimen’s Beowulf speech

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my Planet Mnemonic









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The Next Part to Beowulf by Mariam and Thomas


The predator of the land quietly crept through his lair.  Every footstep he took shook the earth below his claw like feet. When Grendel, the undisputed monster, approached the forest the first thing he did was sharpen his bloody claws against the terrified trees. Through the forest he stomped his way between the sharp, pointy vines. The vines didn’t hurt him at all, in fact he didn’t feel a thing. Grendel the stalking nightmare took a glimpse up and saw the house of meat that he always longed for.

He sprinted through the bushy forest and approached the agonizingly boring mead hall. Grendel quietly crept behind the sleepy guards and attacked them with one blow. The guards layed on the grassy path covered in blood. Grendel liked his bloody claws liking his slaughter. The door was barricaded by a large wooden box so he barged in. When he stepped in he saw the almighty Beowulf! “This warrior is a weak one but if he wants a fight then he’ll get a fight.” Grendel thought.

Beowulf started shouting commands, “Go there and you stay here I’ll stay over there.”Grendel smashed two warriors into the expensive throne, and the- sliver broke. “How dare you kill my comrades?” Beowulf screamed. So the fight began plates smashed and things broke. Blood splatted everywhere on the walls and on the floor. Grendel wailed at the terrifying warriors hoping two scare them off, but it didn’t, it just made them more determined to kill him.

All the warriors drew their sword but Beowulf didn’t, instead he punched Grendel in the jaw. The punch startled him for just 2 min, “Grendel is stronger than I thought.” Beowulf  thought. He kicked Grendel but it did him no harm. “Pull out your sword Beowulf!” His warriors shouted. “I must not beak my promise.” Beowulf cried. Beowulf could not resist, he pulled out his beloved sword and slashed Grendel in half, Blood splatted everywhere making the room like three big giants had entered and vomited blood everywhere.

As the sun rose over the horizon, Hrothgar walked unsteadily to the door handle and opened the doors. He couldn’t believe his eyes, there was blood everywhere. When looked up he saw that his fragile chandelier was broken into smithereens, the glass layed on the bloody floor. King Hrothgar started jumping for joy. Then he looked at the corridor and saw Beowulf holding Grendel’s body. “The mighty Beowulf has concerned Grendel the night stalker our nightmare has been extended!”

The king called his advisers to host a great big feast for Beowulf and his surviving warriors. So the feast began the chandelier were back in order, everything cleaned, cleared and not a spot of blood remained. Hrothgar gave Beowulf and his warriors 10, 00000 gold and silver each. The warriors thanked the generous king and promised they will use the gold and silver for good use and give some to the poor people. They said their good byes and where off.


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