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Welcome to our class blog! We will be using this blog to share the amazing learning taking place in and outside of our classroom. If you are reading this blog post from outside of the Smithdown community, please spare one minute and leave the pupils a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Any comments left will be approved by the teacher before being made public.

Winter Wonderland,by Mohamed

Last week, In Winter Wonderland I had so much fun. The first thing I did was get hot dogs 🌭 and after that,I had a face paint as Santa 🎅 and it looked funny 😂! I was going to get a picture with santa 🎅 but the queue was to long and I didn’t have patients so I though to get a hot chocolate 🍫 and it was nice 👍🏻. Further way, I went on the Trampoline and it was also fun,I liked the part where I have to copy the teacher 🤓!The Christmas 🎄 song was pretty good but I think it was too loud because I felt that my ears are going to pop out!That day was interesting but my favourite activity was getting a face paint because it looked actually good and the red nose looks funny because it looks like am cold that’s why I have a red nose,from the coldness!

From Mohamed

Games by Mohamed

Hi,my name is Mohamed and my favourite game is Minecraft Edition and that game is normally on Consoles/PS4 and it is an interesting game because you can make a modern house. Also in the game it has animals and if you want to make a house you have to make blocks but the hardest block to make is a Diamond block and a Golden block normally you get Diamond and Gold in Caves. However, there is a block called a crafting table and that’s how you make all the blocks in Minecraft. But not all because you can’t make Glass through a crafting table, you have to use a furnace and if you want to make Glass through a furnace you have to get oak wood and sand. In night there are zombies, skeletons, enderman and slime and you call them mobs in Minecraft. There are even strong mobs but they don’t come at night, you have to go to them! One of them is called a Enderdragon and there is one more powerful than that called Witherstorm. Normally you fight them with weapons like a Diamond sword, Golden sword, Iron sword, wooden sword and a bow. You have to make a Portal to go to the Enderdragon but about a Witherstorm you have to make it and it is hard to get the blocks to make a Witherstorm!

Also,there is a game called Rocket league and it is one of my favourite games it is similar to football because you play football but with cars and you can play online to but I find it hard to play but still it is a fun game! Also,it is an interesting game!

What are your favourite games?

From Mohamed

Putting the Christmas tree up 🎄 by Leanne

Hi everyone my name is Leanne and I am going to tell you about me and my family putting our Christmas tree up. First, we made the base which was quite simple. Then, my dad struggled with untangling the lights ( I even tried it myself ) then he put them on the tree. Next, me and my brother got the tinsel and rapped it around the tree. After that , we hung the baubles on the tree which was really fun. After, my brother got to place the fairy on top because last year I put the  fairy on top. We have a tradition where the first Sunday in December we put the tree up.

Thank you for reading my tradition I hope you will read more of my blogs.

Do your family have any Christmas or winter traditions?


Being good and getting better at football

Hi, my name is Lareece and I want to share one thing that I think I have gotten better at which is football. Lately, at school, I have been playing football with my friends. I just feel like I need to share it with the world. I have been tackling Mohamed and if you don’t know what tackling means it is when you get the ball off another player and pass to someone on your team.

Do you like football?

Places that I’ve had an amazing experiences!

Hello reader my name is shamsa and I will be telling you places I have been in the world. One of the places I’ve been to many times is Birmingham. I go to Birmingham a lot because most of my mums family lives there and so do my cousins. The other reason we go there a lot is because there are a lot of holidays so we go there or they come to ours each holiday. Fact: all of my mums family in Birmingham have a flat and all of the door numbers are 6.

Another place we have been to is holland. We have been there twice. The reason we have been there twice is because i could meet my mums brother and the second time was for fun. It’s very pretty and nice.

And the last place I will be telling you I have been to is Dubai. We went there for a holiday. We had so much fun we went to a water park called ‘wild waddy water park’ and we went on the scariest rides ever. The only reason I went on the ride is because it was six seconds and I was not a baby.

Thank you for reading my blog post. You could tell me about interesting places where you have been.


25 brain teasing riddles

1)What gets wetter the more it dries?

2)When you look for something, why is it always the last place you look?

3)A Cowboy rode into a town on Friday. He stayed for 3 days he rode back on Friday. How is it possible?

4)One night, a king and queen went into a castle. there was nobody in the castle, and nobody came out of the castle.In the morning, three people came out of the castle.Who were they?

5)Railroad crossing, watch out for cars. Can you spell that without “r or s”?

6)What has a face and hands, but no arms?

7)What has to be broken before you can use it?

8)What lives in winter, dies in summer, and grows with its roots upwards.What is it?

9)It starts out tall, longer it stands the shorter it grows. What is it?

10)What belongs to you but used more by others?

11)What goes up and never comes down?

12)How can a man eight days without sleeping?

13)I am full of keys but I can’t open any doors. What am I?

14)What has a thumb and four but fingers but is not alive?

15)A man found an old coin and declared that the coin was made in 105 B.C. This could not be true, how?

16)which is heavier a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?

17)I am as light as a feather, yet the strongest man can hold me for 5 minutes.What am I?

18)Can you name 3 consecutive days without using Wednesday, Friday and Sunday?

19)Timmy’s mother has three children first child is April next child is may. Who is the next child?

20)What kind of coat can only be put when is wet?

21)What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a year. What am I?

22)What has three feet but can’t walk?

23)What runs, but never walks, often murmurs ~ never talks has a bed but never sleeps. What am I?

24)What can you catch but not throw?

25)How many months have 28 days?

Riddles that will blow your mind!

Hello my name is shamsa am ten years old and I would like to share some tricky riddles if you guess them right post your score.

Am very easy to get in but very hard to get out of what am I?


I have numbers on my face but can’t find 13 any place what am I?

Answer: A clock.

What belongs to you but others use more than you?

Answer: name.

What is harder to catch the faster you run?

Answer: your breath.

The more you take the more you leave behind what am I?

Answer: footsteps.

Thank you for reading my blog post I hoped you liked it.


I like the game basketball because its awesome. when i play it with my friends i always beat them. It makes me feel happy but anxious sometime because i feel like im going to lose, but i dont i win them all .

If you had £100 what would you buy with it?

Hi my name is Amal I will be telling you if I had £100.00 what would I do with it.
I would buy roblox and I would spend the rest of the money on a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my tablet. I like playing roblox well on android. your allowed to play this popular game only iPads, I phones, laptops and computers.

Book review of Here Comes Trouble by Shamsa

Hello my name is Shamsa and I am ten years old. Today I will be telling you this story called ‘Here comes trouble!’ By Tessa krailing. There’s a girl called Trudy Huddles (The main character) but the other kids call her ‘trouble’ just for a joke. The reason why they call her trouble is because all of class seven (her class) and her teacher know what happens when she tries to do art (the main subject). Her teacher partners up her with Lisa Gibbs and Lisa is not like Trudy at all they are so different. Trudy has arms that can knock things over Lisa’s arms are tiny so it’s easy for her to pick up stuff. Trudy falls over her own legs but Lisa can walk gently unlike Trudy.

As they were partnered Lisa tried to back away as far away from Trudy as possible. What they had to draw foor art was there favourite monster it was very hard for Trudy but when she looked at Lisa’s she drawer a beautiful dragon Trudy was so jealous. While they were painting Trudy tried to dip her paint brush in the jar of water and OH NO…. IT SPILLED All over Lisa’s picture! I wish I could tell you more but I don’t want to be a spoiler but one thing at the end of the story is that her life changes from being clumsy in to a swan. Thank you for reading my blog post I am really hoping to get more of her books and if I do it will be me, bed, book, food, read.

By Shamsa y5

Clockwork by Phillip pullman

My name is David and I like the Clockwork book because it’s scary and it a pretty good book. So the characters are Karl (a clock maker), Fritz(scary story teller) and Herr Ringlemenn (Karl’s teacher). There are more characters but I forgot the names of them, but I haven’t finished reading it with my class. Fritz tells a scary story about prince Otto, his baby Florian and Baron Stelgratz set off to the woods and we have written a new story about how baron stelgratz wanted prinice otto dead because he wanted to marry his wife so he put a piece of clockwork in his heart and something strange happened. I can’t tell you the rest because you have to read it yourself.

My fears

I will list my fears in this blog .Just to mention these are not in a specific order and get ready because I have a lot of fears .


2)cats, I am quite scared of cats so whenever I see one I get terrified.I guess I’m just scared of being scratched/bitten.

3) dogs, same as my fear of cats ,scared of being bitten/scratched I’m also scared of their barks.

4) fire, I like many people have a fear of fire again scared of being burnt.I have never struck a match.

5)water, by the fear of water I mean swimming pools,oceans,seas .In other words I can’t swim so I’m scared of drowning.

6)planes, now I’ve been on a plane lots of times and haven’t really been scared It just sometimes occurs to me that the plane might crash.So not really a fear but scary thought.

7)gas explosion or any other explosion, a big fear of mine.Just scary to think that I could be in a building and then seconds later an earth shattering explosion rips through the building possibly injuring me.

8) buses , I to kind of think this fear is weird but they are big strong and if I were to be hit by one I would probaly die.

9)crashes, plane, motorcycle ,bike,car,bus,plane,boat ,whatever the type of transportation I,m scared of a collision with it.

10)war,maybe not war but at least being attacked or injured.


My passion from freddy

Dear readers

my passion is playing beautifull music on the piano and making people happy by playing it.Today you can read my passion and all the things I love to do in my life. Yesterday I went to the school called Bellerieve to play and practice playing the piano,and having fun.Playing the piano can make you do lots of things when you are older.Like going to good high school and a exelent college and for your learning.Playing the piano is my life and my the only thing I care about including my family.

My favourite song on the piano is called All for me because it is so relaxing and it so sad to hear but if you practice on the piano you will crie.I would love people to learn the piano because you will love it as much as I do and if you keep on learning the piano you will just feel like you are a profesional.if you are in Bel rieve or your not  you can get free music lessons and if you pass the first lesson you will might go to the liverpool ochoristra,and if you do you will fell like you are the best at the piano also you might wright a little musical for the whole WORLD.

My dad helps me to do the piano and ny sister siobhan who can one of the most famous songs in the world what is called Kasopaty which was made in 1892.The song is beautifull to listen and sometimes you might sleep because it is that relaxing you might sleep half way through the music. If you attend Belle reve there will be a lady and then she will sign you in and then your carers will wait for you about for half an hour.After your music lesson you will probably won’t be really patient for the next lesson.When you have the first lesson you could try a instrument or you could change if you don’t feel right with it.

If your in going to Bellreve you could pick any instrument you want like the violin,drum kit,guitar,piano,trumpet,fluted all kind of things.As you know my sister had done one of the best songs in the world.She is like a profesional at playing piano because she had done it self thought and she is amazing at playing it.The only thing that helps me to do thespian is going on youtube and slowly listening to it.



4 facts about Little Mix

1.On the 1 of  july 2012 Little Mix performed their  single WINGS for the first time.

2.In 2012 Little Mix bought out a range of childrens clothing for primark aimed at 7 to 13  years old.

3.Little mix is from london

4.the most popular song is WINGS

What I Like To Watch On YouTube?!

Hi to the people who are reading this. My name is Ilham and I am blogging to tell you what I like to watch on YouTube. I saw a vote on what I like to blog about and I voted for YouTube. I really like to watch Wengie because I could just watch her all day everyday. She also has a twin called Wendie. I also like to watch Sam and Cat which is series with Jennette Mccurdy and Ariana Grande because they are soooooo funny to watch. There is also one more thing I like to watch which is Descendants 1 and 2. My favourite character(s) is Uma and Evie because they are the best actors on Descendants.

By Ilham in Year 5

My dad got interveiwed by tv!

Hello my name is leanne and today after school my dad told me that he got interviewed by the tv. They asked him 4 questions about Everton the first question was . What do you think about Everton?  My dad replied he is a fan. The second question was.  What do you think about the managers situation? Then my dad said he thought that the old manager had to go. The third question was. Who do you think Evertons manager would be? My dad said he thinks it will be unsworth. The last question was. Do you think the fans will get behind unsworth? My dad said yes they would. He asked the woman if he would beon tv and she said yes but not in England but all over the 🌎. Thank you for reading about my dad.


Beast Quest by Adam blade

Beast Quest is the most amazing book I ever read in my life.The reason why I like this book is that it is so interesting and adventures it is filled with excitement and surprises.Every time I go to sleep I can’t stop thinking about the book I have lots of thoughts, like What’s going to happen next.The main characters are Tom the hero Elena Tom’s sister silver the horse and storm the wolf 😃.They fight extraordinary beast’s.                            I recommend this book to everyone.                                                       Thanks for reading this book report.                                                             By Abubaker.


My Passion by Lareece!!!

Hi my name is Lareece and I am 9 years old, my passion is playing football I love it because it is fun and it gets me to bed earlier than usual because the game tires me out.  I play football with my friends and sometimes with my family ( really funny) my little brother try’s to kick the ball but he misses by an Inch.

My passion

My passion is football. I like it because it is fun. It makes me feel happy. I want to play football all day. I like to read books about football. I like to draw football.

My passion by David

Something that get me very exited is when I get to go to a familly trip because I love traveling so, so, so much, I also get excited when someone from my familly comes to liverpool because in my country is very boring.

Things that I love is when my dad get me a huge pizza because pizza is very yummy and  I like dancing and singing because it my insparation.  my fave song of all time is despasito – luis fonci and daddy yankee and havana -camilla cabello and young thoung because it the best hit of all time.

I love those things because the inspiration reallly fits me and I love it.

My passion

my name is hamza and my passion is playing roblox jail break its my favoirte game on roblox my favroit sport is basket ball i spend the whole 4 hours playing it it makes me feel happy wen i play it but a bit anxious. i like playing football aswell i like watching youtube i like dantdm and preston playz  they play minecraft i want to tell you about roblox jail break you can chose a prisoner or police wen your a prisoner you have to escape jail there is sign says dont punch me but you punch it and escape but qiuck before you get arasted by police thank you for reading mypassions . 

My passion by Amal

Hi my name is amal and i am going to share my passions.My passion is to go on my trampoline for half an hour and play in my ball pit and watch a movie.

Things that i loved is when my anti takes me swimming and when my dad lets me have £5.00 to spend and i get to play roblox and use my money to buy bc and robux if you dont know what robux means it is money for roblox that you get from real money and play with ida and shamsa and my cousin, we play jailbreak a prision game then i go play on my brothers computer to play minecraft.

It makes me be joyful and i get very excited when i get robux i feel like i am a pro at everything. i get uncomftable when i meet new people on any games ahhh!


My passion is playing with my friends because  we play tag and we laugh .Also I like being creative like making things  even if I cant make it I still keep triying and I try and make puppits also try and draw animals like dogs,cats and different things.Also  I like going to school because I learn new things every day and I get to see my wonderfull teachers and friends.Also my passion is drawing  random things.Also all of these things make me feel so so so happy!!!!! because it is lots of fun.


Greetings world, I’m going to share my  passion.I would say my passion is music,  I dance to music , listen to Beethoven and other classical songs.When I grow up I don’t want to be a dancer or singer  but I still love music , I mostly listen to classical pianos or violins but I do listen to other types.Why do I like music?I don’t really know why I like music , I just enjoy music, It makes me relaxed.I also love how with wood and string you can make beautiful music.Another thing that makes music good is there are different styles, there is relaxing music for yoga and relaxing or even massages.Classical which again is quite calming but some times fast.You can get rock  music and pop music.I do love violin and piano, speaking of which I  signed up for free violin music but my Fur Elise sounds like a whale schreeching for help.Just to confirm I don’t want to be dancer/singer when I grow up.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

My passion

My name is Aisha and  my passion is shopping and my other passion is gymnastics and my next is roblox.I like shopping because you can be spoilt  and you can buy anything.I like gymnastics because you can be flexible and if you get punch you can  do a back flip and your leg  will kick their chin.I like roblox  because  you can play online and it mackes me feel happy.

My pasion

Hello evreyone today im going to tell you my pasion.My pasion is that I love art, everyday when I go home i do art and every 2 weeks, me and my cosin do a compation of whose the best art and so far I have been wining,sometimes when im angry I still do art but i draw some emojis.I got inspierd by this youtuber called draw so cute  I always  wach her all the time.But sometimes i edit my art into  somthing even better and cooler its the best thing. when i grow older i want to a artist or a doctor but my true dream is to be a artist so im not going to give up on that.


My favrite art work that i done is a drawing of little mix i drew the whole gang i listen to their music and i always like their music.While im now talking about little mix im going to tell you theyb inspierd me to sing now evrytime i listen to their music i sing along with them.




My passion by Alicia

My passion is drawing, I like drawing because it lets me be creative. It makes me feel so proud of myself. Right know i am in year5 and I am a very good drawer. But I can be even better because I practice every day. I really like drawring people, animals and other stuff. In my school theres a drawring competition, me and my friend leanne decided to work together. You get 5 pound only if you win with that money you go to homebargains and you get to pick a toy or something else.

My passion by Abubaker

Hi my name is Abubaker and today I am going to share you my passion.My passion is playing with my friends in the park playing games like football,tag racing,my favourite game is football I can do this cool kick called the bicycle kick and Ido two cool skill they  are called alastico and rainbow flip.

When I’am bored I either relax or play in the ps4, most of the time I play on the ps4 My other passion is playing on the ps4 fifa 18,I have gold edition I play ulimate team,and I play online some times I score 7 goals if I am lucky.I also play minecraft I it.

The reason why I like doing all these things because it is fun the reason I love football is because I want to be a footballer when I grow up and I feel fit and warm.I like playing minecraft because it’s creative and adventures

Thank you for reading my passion.

by Abubaker

My Passions By Ilham!!!

Hi, my name is Ilham and I am blogging to tell you all about my passions. I like to do alot of fun things like: Drawing, tag, racing and lots lots more but; my favourite passion out of school is going to my Grandma’s house. I like to go there because I always have fun with my friends and family. I always see my Grandad who is very old and he makes me laugh all the time. Whenever I tell him if I am a boy or a girl, he always says I’m a boy (I AM A GIRL). He has this electronic chair on the side of the stairsand it goes up by itself (automaticly) and it is super cool to go on. I ask him to sing a song and he sings a really funny song which makes me laugh all of the time.

My passions my Aimen

hello everyone Im going talk about my passion I hope you enjoy.

My passion is playing minecraft because you could build a house and a swimming pool.

I enjoy building houses and I like playing with my freinds. me and my freinds build a house together and people always try and break into our house and they try and kill us then we kill them back.

I like playing minecraft because I feel like I am really on the game and it is fun.





passions!! by Mohamed

My best passion is going to new places because they are interesting and some of them have a lot of technology! I like going new places because every country is different. I will tell you all the places I went Turkey,yemen,france,saudia,istanbul,morroco and bangledesh and I am extremely excited to go another country like Africa because I NEVER went there in my whole life but my dad went to 15 places but I forgot them all but when I grow up I want to go a lot of places!

My passions by Leanne

My passion is listening to music because it makes me feel calm but most of the time it makes me feel happy and exited.  I usually sit on my bed and put my headphones on and play games on my tablet, and sometimes on my dads laptop.  When I listen to music I really like these songs called Havana by Camila cabello ( who was actually from Fifth Harmony) and Yung Thug, home by Fifth Harmony. Also my friend Alicia likes the same songs as me we both are trying to get the lyrics right. Thankyou for reading my passion I hope you enjoyed.

My passions

Today we are bloging about our passions. if we had 2houre what would we do.

  1.  I would pley and watch video all day long.
  2. eat lots of food.
  3.  in my spere time i would go out side and pley with my firends.

and  if i play a game i would play roblox or minecraft they are the best game ever it maces me feel very happy.

My Passions By Lewis

Hello everyone, today i will be talking about my passion, i hope you enjoy.

My passion is long marathons of anime such as Lucky Star, Neo Yokio, and many more.

I enjoy anime because i love the japenese culture. I enjoy manga, sushi, and even some fanbases like nekkos, otakus and much more,  have have currently watched over 58 diffrent types of anime. It gives me a sense of enjoyement and acception.

I use Kiss anime and Crunchyroll to watch anime, these websites do not cost money, however on crunchy roll premium acsses does reqiere payment. I do not have a certain favourite type of anime, i love all types. I also love going to cons such as comicon, pax prime, and more. Some anime can be quite innapropriate so i stay away from them.If you would like to watch anime with me then after christmas please visit the Sapphire Bed youtube channel and pop in to one of my live streams or watch one of my videos orvisit my twitch account that has the same name as my youtube account Sapphire Bed if you visit please leave a comment saying your from the blog.

This was Lewi and i hoped you liked my passion 🙂

My passion by Shamsa

Hello my is Shamsa I am ten years old and I will be telling you what my passion is. What I love so much is trampolining I  have been doing to for ages. I love doing It beacuse It Is so  much fun not just beacuse its fun beacuse it is making me not blind my eyes anymore by all ways going on my ipad/phone. If you ever do trampoling you will understand how fun it is its not just that I jump and jump I have learnt some cool tricks on it like I have learnt a froundflip which is really cool and also a backflip! If anyone asks me if i can can do it I have to see no beacuse I dont want my back to hurt but if they came to my house they will see that I can do it. The other reason i like trampoling is beacuse it litreally makes you look like a athletic. Ones I was just jumping and i sliped and did a summerslat its like a froundflip but your head is still on the floor.

You may think that I got trained but I did not. I acually got a trampoline on my 3 birthday and I loved it well i did until I was 3 and a half. The reason I liked it until I was three and a half because when I tryed it out it was very big, I had like the most space ever it was so big my mum could fit 70 1 year olds in it! But when I was 3 and a half my cousins came over and from that they I loved it beacuse when my cousins came one of my cousins saw the trampoline and were a amazed and ran to my back garden and jumped on it reaally high i thought I liked it so all of my cousins followed and and we all jumped on it until breakfast we wished we could stay on it more so straight after breakfast we ran to the door like making a thunder storm noise and opened it and jumped even more until we no lie fell asleep on it and i think my mum and my siblings all  picked us out of the trampoline and put my brother on my bed and put me on the floor!

As a tampoliner I get lots of injuries but not like a broken leg and a broken hand I mean like  a bloody noses. When I woke up and I was about 4 and I ate my breakfast and went to the trampoline and while I was jumping it was the middle of autumn I sliped on a leaf and when i stood up I saw blood and I was crying I ran to the toilet and washed my bloody nose and I stayed under my covers with my ipad and I did not go outside for a mouth.

Thank you for reading my blog.

By Shamsa – Ten years old

Your Passions…

When outside of school, what is it that you are really passionate about? I know some of you will like sports, technology, food, gaming and other hobbies… but what is it that gets you excited?

Create a blog post telling the world about your passion. Remember to tell them:

  1. What it is.
  2. What you love about it so much?
  3. How is makes you feel?

A day in half term by Abubaker

On Saturday morning I woke up early I was so excited because I was going to have a sleep over with my cousin who is eleven.I thought to myself I should get ready,by the time I was ready my: mum,dad,sisters and little brother were getting ready.I asked my mum “while your getting ready can I play on the ps4”,she said yes.I ran downstairs and turned the ps4 and played FIFA 18🐯!!!!!!.We all got into the car and my dad drove to Blackburn were my cousin lives,I fell asleep in the car.


my name is Demilee and here are three things I am good at.1I am good at making people happy if there sad.2 I am amazing at swimming.3 I am good with my manners.Now here are some things that I need to practice at.1I Need to practice my times tables more often.2 I would like to get better at my handwriting.3 I think I need to get better at saying my months.I hope you injoy reading my writing.

Trip to hope university!

Hello my name is Aimen and I am 9 years old. Today I went to hope university with my class. Today we learnt science. In science we learnt forces,gravity,measuring ,newtons air resistanse and we made parachutes we made small parachutes medium parachutes big parachutes.We went outside upstairs and we dropped the 3 parachutes the big parachute dropped last because it has more air resistanse the small parachute dropped last because it has less air resistanse.I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip.

Riddles!by Mohamed

A princess 👸 and a man where living with each other and one day the princess died so the guards told the man to go where the crime happened so he went to there and then when he was there,the guards arrested him straight away!why did they arrest him straight away?

Being good and getting better by david

My name is David and here are 3 things I’m good at and 3 things I need to get better at 1)I think I’m good at dancing.
.2)I’m good at drawing I think.3)I’m good at science. 1.I need to get better at my football skills.2.i have to get better at my spelling.3.I need to get better at not talking too MUCH

By Mohamed,all about me!

My name is Mohamed I like going to new places so you can call me adventurous because I went to a lot of countries I will tell you all of them,Saudia,Yemen,France,Spain,istambool and Turkey,and they were good places I liked them but I am planning to go to another adventurous country like Africa because I wanted to go there for years and I still want to go because non of my family or friends went to Africa and I think it is the hottest country in the world but people say it is Egypt but I searched in google and it said that Africa is hotter so I think I will go Africa one day in my life so I am excited for it!!! 👋👋😀!!

By Mohamed,Thank you Hope university!

Thank you for teaching us science because the topics you taught us was interesting and some of them,we didn’t do in smithdown primary school and maybe I will go to Hope university when I grow up!My favourite topic was about friction because we do a lot of science in smithdown primary and that’s kind from you to teach us more about science because I used to hate science but Hope university let me like science more!Also,the pulley was amazing it was like you are using it with electricity but you are using it with materials!!!!I learned a lot of things from Hope university!I was thinking a lot about friction in Hope university!I wish I was in your university I enjoyed your university.

A great day at hope university by abubaker

Thank you students in hope university I’ve learnt lots of different forces like:water resistance,air resistance,Gravity,buoyancy and friction.we measured in newtons,height and weight.My favourite experiments was the one that we had to get the brick to the using big roollers,wooden blocks,medium rollers,small rollers,carpet and small wooden blocks.To move the brick on the carpet took 10 Newtons🙀.!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I predicted that the wooden blocks Woolf take the brick to the finish line,but my prediction was wrong😰.I learnt that the more pulleys the less force it has and the less pulleys the more force it has.I discovered that you can carry heavy stuff with a lever and if the pivort is closer to the mass(item you carrying)the less force you need. I really enjoyed hope university.

A trip to hope university

Dear Hope university students, I had a great day at hope university and I think I can say the same for my class mates.I was very grateful for the opportunity I enjoyed it so much and learned some new things.One of those things were  if you hold a ramp higher ( with a weight on it) and pull some thing up it it feels heavier.Other experiments were fun as well I learnt about  friction , pulleys,levers and much more .I learnt the closer your pivot is to your object the easier it is to lift an object and it needs less effort.Another thing could be was I learnt about pulleys,the more pulleys you use the less effort you need to lift an object,for example cranes have lots of pulleys possibly around 17 or more.By Lawand

Thank you Hope University! By Lewis

Thank you Hope University students, I had an amazing time there and your campus looks amazing! My favourite thing to do there was the rocket mouse experiment because it merged fun and knowledge into a lesson.I learned many great things in your university, I learned that friction can stop things going extremely fast, I improved my knowledge of buoyancy and that boats use buoyancy to stay afloat and that it’s in bath toys such as toy boats, and more.The students are very nice, I must say they really improved the atmosphere and the overall experience. I know that if you teach marine biology I will be straight to the signing board.Your outside is great, and that’s from a pupil who is preferably inside!
If there was one bad thing I would list it but to my standards it is absolutely amazing! In the future be prepared for a application from Lewis 😉

An Amazing Day Out At Hope University!😀

Dear Students At Hope University,
Hi, my name is Ilham in Year 5 at Smithdown Primary School and I am writing to thank you for the amazing experiments we did and I actually thought it was quite a fun time. I enjoyed all of them because they were all fabulous. I actually learnt so much from quite a lot of you. You were all very polite. I learnt all about: Friction, Air Resistance, Buoyancy, Gravity and Water Resistance. As I grow up, I might go to Hope University and see all of you. Doing Forces with you was quite fun because I have never worked on Science with University students in my whole life. I have used a Force Meter a lot in class and I also at Hope University. Hopefully in class I will improve my work when we do Science because I love Science. I have learnt that the bigger parachute you have, the slower it goes down because of more Air Resistance. I have also learnt about levers; so when you put the Pivot closer to the Mass, it’s easier to pull with a Force Meter.

A great trip to hope university

Today we went to hope university I really enjoyed it I also think that my friends enjoyed it to. My most favourite part was when I found out about forces like Water resistance. I really like when we put our mouses on the top of milk cartons. Mohammad’s and Xien We’s mouses when over the ruler, 100 and past it was so cool but I only got 72cm because I didn’t put that much power into it but I don’t really mind. Sadly I lost my mouse but I can make another one. I also really liked when we learned if the leaver gets closer to the pivot the object would get much more eisier. We did the experiment with a model truck we used Newton meters.

Great day out at hope university

  • Thank you hope university for the amazing day out! My favourite investigation was the first room because I found out that the carpet was not the best to run on for the trainer it was plasticine which had the most fiction and I was shocked. Another thing that I was liked was I found out the more pulleys you have the easier it is to lift. When we went outside it was Huge it was so much fun to play our game because we had more space. Another experiment I liked was when we helped Franke the builder it was fun and we even got or were are own builder hat. My last thing that I liked was you for being very nice I really liked how if we were stuck you would help us straight away.