Merry Christmas by Leanne

Today I would like to tell you what I got for Christmas. The first, thing I got was two large, cute animal teddies. The first teddy I got was a fox, which had brown eyes, and the second teddy I got was a wolf, which had blue eyes and it was my favorite teddy. Then, I got a tikkers watch that has a white strap and diamonds on the outside. Next, I got an IPAD – I was so exited. When I opened it I had to put it on charge then it came on. The only disappointment is that it won’t let me get games but at least I have fun on it. The last thing I got was a MEGA art box that has crayons, pencils, paper,  sharpeners etc.

I hope you had a amazing time with your families, friends or whoever you were with. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

What did you get for Christmas?


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