My day out 😊!!!!!!!

On the 24th of December me and my family were going to Birmingham for the first time in my life;I was so excited 🤗! first we had to get ready so I put on my track suit and my little sister put on her multi coloured dress, my little brother put on a little track suit like mine. when my family were finished getting ready, we got in are car my dad started driving it was a long ride. When we arrived at Birmingham we went to are uncle’s house 🏠. It was cloudy ☁I was really hoping for snow because I saw my cousin’s snowman and it was good. We had pizza for dinner 🍕 and chips 🍟 it was delicious . After dinner we played games then we had chocolate cake 🍮.Then we went home.


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  1. It’s nice at Birmingham right? I have been there several times and it is so much fun. Next time if you ever go, go to this place called star city they have a movie theatre and lots of fun activities!

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