My winter break

My winter break was itchy and frustrating.

Okay so it starts when I just finished my day at school and went home.The first couple of days I didn’t do much , I was just my lazy self.Then on 24 of December I didn’t go really happy saying “tomorrow is christmas”. I just thought “oh, it’s christmas tommorrow”.But I don’t celebrate christmas.Anyway, more about 24 of december, so I stayed up late .Then it got to around 11o’clock and my sister put it on the movie/film Stick. I laughed so much .Trust me it is actually funny seeing a stick getting hurt badly.When it hit 11:58  my sister said ” It’s 2 minutes til’ christmas”.Then when it hit midnight it was christmas and I was just like”now what?”.So, I just went to bed.When I woke up the next morning it was christmas but I don’t celebrate christmas so it was just a normal day .If you celebrate christmas,merry christmas.Everyone knows after christmas it is boxing day.I didn’t go to the shops but my sister and mum did.On 27of december my mum ,sister ,dad and me went to Bolton to get a turkey ,not a whole, live turkey, a dead ,sliced turkey.I went to bolton for that.I won’t complain too much because on the motorway besides from  cars and asphalt I saw a blue lamboghini.I don’t know how the driver could afford one.Anyway,I saw a blue lamborghini,at one point it drove next to us on the opposite lane.I think it tried to impress us because when it was next to us , it started zooming right along the motorway.Before my brain could register there was a lamnoghini it was gone.So I arrived home and just went on with my day.On the 31 of december I went to my mum’s cousins house but my mum’s cousin invited her brother,brother’s wife and they had a child or as I like to call them younglings.So I wasn’t to happy to go because it was the last day of december and no offence but their house is boring.So I arrive the youngling just wants to play.If you know me well or have been stalking me for past 3 years of my life you should know I don’t like playing with little kids but I just put up with him then I arrive home and it is around 7 o’ clock.I just let the time pass by then when it’s like 11:50  I get struck by new years party . So while I think to my self in 10 minutes it  will be 2018.My sister turns on the telly.Anyway ,it gets narrowed down to the last 20 seconds and while there are 6 seconds left I say”see you next year ” then in 2018 I jumped back in.What is your new year resoloution?It was really cool seeing London’s firework show.Before I mention anything else Dubai didn’t do a firework show because the last time they did a skyscraper burnt down but on the skyscraper Burj Khalifia they did a laser show I loved seeing    the different colours and shapes.I also thought lasers cost millions of pounds how did they afford it.I just went to bed after listening to fireworks.I would say the past 2 days were okay.My mum told me my 2 annoying cousins would come on the 3 of January but I’m getting ahead of my self.Anyway, I just live the 2 day normally until the 3 of january.On the third of January 8:05pm I hear a knock on the door .It could be 2 things an axe murderer or my cousins. Like any normal person my mum opens the door and it’s my cousins seeing as it was 8 o’ clock I just stayed up ,also I had some spots so I told my sister about it and she said “you have chicken pox”. On the outside I was like ok I have chicken pox but on the inside I was terrified.So I did what had to be done. I went into hibernation for 3 days while I had guest over which is quite rude.Here is my hibernation experience.First my routine wake up at 11 ask my mum for tea ,drink tea in bed watch ipad all day eating small amount of  food, go to bed repeat for 3 days.Ok if you want my experience of hibernation it’s the same as the routine.Day 4, I wake up from my 3 day long hibernation and play with the younglings .By play just take the most annoying child you know duplicate them and spend a week with them.Day 5 , We drive to Knowsley safari park to amuse the younglings,unfortunately for them it was close but that wasn’t bad for me, why not? you ask well I’m scared of ape ,baboons and monkeys they’re stronger and more intellegent than humans and they have sharp teeth.So, we just resorted to going to a blue planet aquariaum.I saw a scorpion , a trantula and more. I saw a venomous puffer fish ,upside jelly fish, a seahorse. Metre long fish ,4 cm long fish.Turtles.I saw a walking turtle (on land),one of the baby turtles wanted to go to a pool of water so he walked towards the pool  and he wanted to walk straight in the pool but as he was walking another turtle was blocking the way so the other turtle nudged his shell with his head but it didn’t work so he bit his leg and it didn’t work so he just went around him.I saw a shark show and the host was quite funny and she talked about sharks  then 2 scuba divers named donovan and calvin went into the shark,fish and ray tank.Also Donovan was quite funny.Donovan(a diver) fed the rays some fish and apparently they grind it spit it out then eat it again.After the shark show we went on a long conveyer belt with a dome of sharks and on the side of the lower walls it would say” sand tiger shark diet:fish,fish,fish” and one of the walls  said “scuba diver diet: pizza, burgers, beer, sweets, juice.” I laughed at that so after that we went home and played.Day 6 I am writing this on day 6 in the morning so I haven’t done much.Anyway I turn on google to write this and it said Hollyoaks spoiler Warning  i’m going to reveal a spoiler.It said daine dead in tunnel crash I inhaled and exhaled I thought to myself” WHY DOES GOOGLE ALWAYS SPOIL MY SOAPS” but then I realized wait… princess diane died in a tunnel crash.Hollyoaks copied the incident and it would fit perfectly because they’re both named diane


my winter break by Lawand

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