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Robert Clark diary entry 1 by Damian

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August 14th 1914

So,the day has finally arrived – the day Endurance and I leave to begin our journey to the southernmost region on earth – Antarctica.

The day began as normal – First off, I was woken by my dog (I thought I would have been too excited to sleep, but that was not the case). I got my sailor suit on, made my way down to Plymouth Dock, and to my surprise, saw a few old friends of mine that had also been recruited for treacherous, yet life-changing expedition .

The room on board is not very….well, roomy, but it’ll do.  I guess that I’ll be spending more time on top deck instead of in my cabin.

Unfortunately, none of my relatives were there to bid me farewell, but I saw Harold and Julia, who I hadn’t seen for a long time, so I guess that’s close enough. Then, a queasy feeling came over me. The boat was setting sail. Anxiously, I wondered what mysteries, disasters, memories and species lay ahead. Hopefully, I will encounter some new specimens to forward my career, or ultimately end it altogether…



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  1. By: jgordon on 30th March 2016 at 8:56 pm      Reply

    Wow Damian you’ve left me hanging with suspense, I can’t wait for the next diary entry. Mrs G

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