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Welcome to our Year 6 Blog! This half term, we are learning about some of the key events of World War One.  We will use our blog to publish a range of writing genres that tell the ‘story’ of some of the things that happened during this time. We would love it if you visit regularly and comment on our posts if you have time.

We hope you enjoy reading our work!

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My letter as a passenger of the HMS Lusitania.

To my dearest cousin  Alice,

As you may already know I will be visiting you shortly and I can not wait for my arrival as I  have not seen you for three years. How are my other cousins and please give them my best as soon as you see them.

Alice, it feels like such a long time since I last saw you and you know how much I love being fancy so I have paid £4000 dollars for a Regal Suite aboard RMS Lusitania. It has been said that the food is exquisite but I just can not wait for the first class service and to sleep in my suite. In the brochure’  it stated that anyone who pays for a first class suite will get unlimited entertainment and get to observe the water wild life. 

When I arrive I hope that we will have the chance to go to see a theatre play or maybe even grab some tea and crumpets. 

I wish you and your family the best and I cannot wait to see you soon.

    Your dear cousin, Margaret


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My Frankenstein book review.

Image result for frankenstein mary shelley book cover

Frankenstein a photograph of the book cover.Background information:  Frankenstein is a Gothic horror story written by the one and only Mary  Wollstonecraft Shelley in 1817 and published in 1818. The inspiration first came to Mary Shelley in a nightmare and was first told at a ghost story competition with her, her husband and lord Byron. Since its first publication, the story has been turned into stage plays films and even translated into over 18 different languages.

Synopsis: This is an amazing story with romance, controversy, tragedy and friendships. It’s about a mad scientist who would like to become world known and he would stop at nothing to make his dreams come true!

Setting: This story is mainly set in Geneva, Switzerland but some times, through out the story, it changes and different settings are introduced like the Orkney Islands, England and Italy. The author really brings these places to life by using descriptive language that puts the reader right there.

Characters: There are many characters throughout this story but the main two characters are by far the Monster and Victor. Truly I would warm to the both  of them because even though Victor may have created the monster, he was just trying to create something that would be further humanity. When I first came across the monster in the book, I didn’t know how to feel, but when he visits the family in the woods and meets the blind man, who is unable to judge him, I felt sympathy towards him – all he longed for was a family and for someone to love and for them to love him.

Themes: This book covers many themes, including death, abandonment and most of all, the theme to become the best at anything for any price; it was victor’s pursuit of his goal that lead to the destruction of his family.

Recommendations: I would gladly recommend this book to others as it left me crying and is just an amazing story to read. I think that this book should only be read by year fives and above as it can be a bit gruesome at times.


And this is my rating:

Image result for five stars no background

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The Last Piece of Victor Frankenstein’s Diary

Dear diary,

This may well be the final time that I confide in you, as I am now on a quest that could take me to the ends of the earth. After disposing of ‘Justine’, I made my way back to Geneva to be with my beloved Elizabeth.

After I destroyed the monster bride I returned home having unexpected news said to me. First Elizabeth slowly sat me down and told me what the news was. I was SHOCKED! I could not believe what she had told me. My eyes were full of tears. My father was ill, very ill and Henry – my best and long life friend- had died. As soon as she told me Henry had died I straight away knew it was the monster who had killed him. I was absolutely enraged.

I went to see my father. He told me before he’d die he wanted to see something happen and that something was to see me and Elizabeth getting married. And that then eventually happened. Me and Elizabeth were married. We went to Lake Como in Italy for our honeymoon. And now something I am about to tell you will sadden you to the core:

It was only half an hour that we had been on our honeymoon and something terrible and I mean horribly terrible happened….

She was DEAD.

The first thing I saw was the shattered window. Then I saw the bed. I could not believe what I had done to Elizabeth. The bedding was a mass of blood. Elizabeth’s body lay across it, her head was twisted at an unnatural angle. There was a gaping, gory hole in her chest. I heard a maniacal laugh come in through the window. I threw myself onto her crying my eyes out. I could not stop. I truely did not want this to happen to my love.

Then there were hands on my shoulders,  pulling me away from Elizabeth’s corpse. In fits and starts I heard voices. Some of the other guests, woken by my screams, assummed I was Elizabeth’s killer and wanted to hang me. I told them to hang me and I also told them it was me who killed her. I heard a gruff voice saying that it was enough of of that talk. It spoke again and told me it wasn’t me who escaped through the window and took her heart. I told the people ( I didn’t know who were also around me) that I knew who the murderer was. I also told them that I had seen the face of the one who killed her. I told them that I would follow this vile criminal to the ends of the earth, and then have my vengance. I told them that there was someone who swore that they would wreck my wedding night. I wanted to leave but I was told I couldn’t leave because someone had already sent for the police so they’d want to speak to me. I wanted to beg my love for forgiveness so they left me with her as I commanded.

Then the police arrived after a short amount of time. For most of the rest of the night I was interviewed by the police, but at last the inspector declared himself satisfied that I was innocent. The last thing that I said – before sleep enfulged me -was that I would follow Elizabeth’s murderer to the ends of the earth.

I hope I do catch this vile criminal and then I WILL have my vengance.

That is all for now and possibly forever,

Victor Frankenstein


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‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelly: Book Review

Background information: Frankenstein – a gothic horror story – was written in 1817 by Mary Shelly and was published on the 1st of January 1818. The idea/ inspiration was first originated when Mary Shelly was on holiday with her husband, Percy Shelly, and her friend, Lord Byron (a poet). Due to the rainy weather they decided to hold a competition to see who could write the scariest horror story. Frankenstein has been translated into many languages and has also been adapted for younger readers and theatres.

Synopsis / Plot: This is a story of a young man who tries to play as God, and gets punished for it. The young man, Victor Frankenstein discovers the secret to life, and seeks to create a creature from it. But instead, he creates a hideous monster…

Setting: The story is set over different locations like: Geneva, Ingolstadt, North Pole etc.

Characters: The two main characters in this book are Victor Frankenstein and his creation /monster. Victor Frankenstein is a young man who toils hard every minute of every hour of every day to pursue his dream of being the most famous and eminent scientist. The monster is a frightening, ugly and hideous creature that causes tragedy in Victor Frankenstein’s life. Poor Victor having to cope with all that.

Themes: This book is full of murder, tragedy, despair, death and abandonment.

Recommendations: I would certainly recommend this book to others because I think this book is great and I like the way it urges people to ask questions e.g. who is the real monster? I think that it would be most suitable for ages 10 and above.


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My last Frankenstein diary entry.

Dear Diary,

This may well be the final time that I confide in you, as I am now on a quest that could take me to the ends of the earth. I must follow this malevolent, wicked, vicious and nefarious creature to the ends of the earth after what he has done to me!! The HORROR!! The HORROR!! Even though I am trembling I guess that I must inform you of what has happened but first. After disposing of the body of ‘Justine’, I made my way back to Geneva  to be with my beloved, Elizabeth but before I tell you about my dearest I, must tell you about everything that had happened before I even returned home because well that’s a whole different chapter in the story of my life! After destroying  the half-formed version of ‘Justine’ and seeing that IT could swim very distant lengths, I realised that I had to make as much distance between us for now so I decided to come back home and finally propose to my much loved Elizabeth ( It was the only thing my father, who was very ill and his life almost seemed unsustainable, wanted to see before death consumed him). Yet before all of this before my marriage, I heard the news, news that has scarred me well because of henry my best friend he was murdered and by the same person that has now murdered Elizabeth. MY ELIZABETH. WHY? WHY? WHY? It was our honeymoon and that’s when he struck he murdered her. He took her heart !!!!!

Yet before all of this before my marriage, I heard the news, news that has scared me well because of henry my best friend he was murdered and by the same person that has now murdered Elizabeth. MY ELIZABETH. WHY? WHY? WHY? It was our honeymoon and that’s when he struck he murdered her. He took her heart !!!!! WHY?!?!?!?

There is only one thing that I can do – I must follow him to the ends of the earth. I will follow him to the ends of the earth if that is what it takes that is what I will do!

Remember no one can read you so I shall rip you up and that way no one can ever find out about my creature my offspring whatever  you must call it goodbye forever-


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Another session enjoyed by all Y6 at @SmithdownPr from @merseymavericks 2 Mavericks of the Day today !!!🏀🏀😀😀

from Twitter

March 16, 2017 at 03:46PM

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‘Blob’ by David Walliams: A Book Review

Synopsis: This is a story of how a boy called Bob who meets a blobfish called Blob.

The Characters: The main character is Bob. I like Bob because he is very funny and I also feel sorry for him because in his class there is a gang of three boys that have made Bob’s life and I also feel sorry for him because his grandfather is poor and can’t afford to take Bob to the zoo. I can’t relate to Bob because I don’t think I have inherited a funny face like him (although some may disagree).

Best Bits: I have got more than one best bit I really enjoyed. One of the best bits was the bit were Bob teaches all the animals (especially when he teaches the red baboon to wiggle it’s bottom) to be confident and not to be shy of what they really are because I think it was very nice of Bob to make them feel confident and also not to be very shy because I just think they should be proud for what they are. And my other and final best bit was the bit when Sir Basil (the owner of the zoo) and Winston (the zookeeper) set a surprise for the bullies that made Bob’s life a misery because I just think it was really funny to teach the bullies a lesson and I also liked the part Stubs made friends with Bob at the end.

Recommendations: I would recommend this book to anyone (obviously someone who can read).

Star Rating: This book is really enjoyable and funny (although some may disagree). Another thing was I liked the way he (the author David Walliams) changed the font throughout the book and I also liked the way on the page it introduced the blobfish the background was all black and the writing was white which I think made it stand out. So due to what I have said above I would gladly rate this a 5 out of 5.



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Frainkenstien dairy

Frankenstein’s Diary

21st November 1817

Dear Diary, Image result for victor frankenstein on the mountains talking

After the terrible events of recent days ,I needed to spend some time thinking things through, so I trekked in to the mountains .

My brother is dead .The only brother I had has been viciously murdered by my lovely nanny, Justine. How can this be? She was like a sister to me and to William. I am going insane, I just don’t understand. There must be someone else that killed my beloved brother. Shortly after William’s death, Justine was convicted and killed. Not only have I lost one person who is dear to my heart but I have lost another.

As I casually strolled, I began to think about the monster, I wanted answers. I assumed that the monster killed my brother and that led to the death of our nanny. The fog began to  encompass the sky as I saw an inhuman figure in the distance.I walked closer to find my horrendous monstrosity awoken. The monster. Whilst speaking to the monster, regret filled my mind, all this time I have left him to protect himself. I wasn’t a father, I was a careless irresponsible being. I asked him if he killed William and his answer broke my heart.

This was all my fault . How can I plan my wedding when I am the reason why these events took place?



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Frakenstien Dairy

22nd November 1817

Dear Diary

What have I done ? To you only you , I can that I have comitted the most despicable act of crime.

After meeting the monster on the mountain, I went home and explained to Elizabeth that I have to go to England so I could study in the library. Then Henry wanted to come with me but I tryed to pushed him away because on the mountain the monster had said to me make me a bride or I will be there at your wedding day to kill everyone. Before i left Geneva, i visited Justine’s grave and took a piece of her flesh to help make the monster a bride. I felt sick to my stomach when i cut her flesh and i couldn’t be there for very long as it was making me feel ill.

I will make the monster’s bride so he will leave me alone and stay away from my family.

I have to go now so i can make the monster’s bride.



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My diary entry after meting the monster – Victor Frankenstein.

Dear Diary,

WHAT HAVE I DONE? To you and only you , I can confess the horrors  of the most despicable act that I have committed, the horror I wish that i could go back and undo this whole thing . I took parts from Justine’s dead body Justine oh Justine. Why? Why? Why? Even though my acts are contemptible they were for the live’s of my family or whats left of it. (My father and the exquisite Elizabeth.)

I could not bear to tell my sweet Elizabeth that I had created the monster that killed our beloved William, and that I met him on the peak of the tallest mountain in Montanvert-Watzmann. So instead I told her nothing but that I had cleared my head and I was ready except that I needed to go to England. I k now that I am to be wedded soon but It would help me with my studies, but really this was all part of my elaborate plan to get the monster what he desires…

That night, last night I done something, something I am not proud of  something that could scar someone for life yes sadly I have . I did dig up poor, undeserving, incredible, innocent Justine’s grave just for some body parts. Just to make the feminine monster. Just to save the lives of  two more innocent people: Elizabeth and my father!I SWEAR!!! It is something that I will only do once not only because I will only make one female monster but the feelings  the mixed emotions she couldn’t feel anything yet I felt it the pain of what i was doing was defeating me from the inside . It devoured me from the inside and all of this because I could never tell Elizabeth I could never ask her for anything as she has already done so much  for me she  she  helped me through the loss of William, Justine and worse of all my mother. Would you ask someone who had done all of that for you for a piece of there flesh to create some monster? Would you ? Would you?

I leave for England to morrow I am to be accompanied by Henry.

It shall take along time to get to England so untill then –


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